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What to do in Ischia

Even if your visit to Ischia is only for a few days, try not to miss taking our special trip “”Ischia, discovering the hidden island…””: from onboard a traditional fisherman’s ‘gozzo’ you’ll see much more of the island’s incredible scenery!

For those who prefer a classic guided tour of the island by minibus, we can arrange for you to be picked up conveniently from the hotel.

And if you want to discover the byways and less-known parts of the island in peace and harmony with nature, there are the “”Sentieri della lucertola”” – nature rambles of varying levels of difficulty and duration, with colour-coded signs bearing the characteristic symbol of our local lizard. Another walk that’s not to be missed leads from the picturesque village of Serrara Fontana and up to the summit of Mount Epomeo. Those reaching the summit (at 788 metres) can visit the hermitage and the small church dedicated to San Nicola of Bari, both carved out of the green tuff stone, and enjoy the most exhilarating of panoramas.


Those with a passion for the extraordinary plants and flowers of the Mediterranean will enjoy the tropical gardens at “”La Mortella””, near Forio. The beauty of this place, created for the composer Sir William Walton and renowned throughout Europe, can best be appreciated by combining a visit with one of the many concerts of their classical music season (April-October).

A useful extra service that we can arrange for our guests is the hire of a car or scooter. This is always very popular as it allows you to move freely around the island, and access even the beaches and places that are furthest from the hotel. If you wish, the car or scooter can be delivered to you at the hotel.

Ischia is an ideal base from which to visit the many sites and attractions of the Bay of Naples. Chief amongst these are the archaeological sites of Roman Pompeii, Herculaneum and Oplontis, as well as Mount Vesuvius, the magical island of Capri, the beautiful Amalfi Coast and, of course, Naples with a long history of art and culture all of its own.

To book a place on one of the many organised excursions, leave everything to Sandro and Raffaele who can arrange special terms, including a pick-up directly from the hotel.


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